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Dogado Webhosting Platform

The Challenge

Dogado, one of the leading web-hosting providers in Europe, offers tools & services to help people navigate their web-based projects.

Over the years, they have earned a reputation for their exceptional customer-centric service. Dogado's dedication to serving their customers lead them to update their internal web-hosting platform: Cloudpit. The platform, which helps users to manage online products, was in need of a re-design. Modulr was brought in to tackle the highly technical challenge of making a more usable version of the platform, while modernizing the visual design.

  • Client Dogado
  • Year 2021
  • Website
  • Services Conception
    Usability Research
    Workshop Facilitation
    Product Design
    UX / UI Design
    Usability Testings
    Design System

Finding Alignment in a Variety of Viewpoints

Most Smart Home producers often focus on the technical prowess of their platform, or the features of their products that make them so powerful. We however saw the opportunity to tell a different storyline, one of empowerment, affordability and ease of use. Klyqa's mission is to make Smart Home technologies affordable and streamlined interact with.

Input from Client, Users & Competitor Analysis

In order to solve the challenge of re-designing the Cloudpit platform, it was essential to dive deep and understand the variety of viewpoints about what needed the most amount of attention. This included workshops with company owners & employees, critique sessions with the internal design team, and qualitative interviews with current users of the platform.

Getting there as Quickly as Possible

The most important theme began to emerge: the navigational paradigm of the platform. Rather, how users are quickly lead to (or find) the product that they want to manage, and then presenting them with the necessary tools to manage that product as clearly as possible. After testing and iterating on several solutions, we were able to identify a navigational model which worked for the current the platform, as well as being a viable solution for the future.

Solving the ways that users would navigate through different views and tasks within the platform was the most important factor in making the platform more usable.
Florian Kopshoff —  Dogado CMO

From Building Blocks to a Functional Language

After empathizing and understanding the current Platform's challenges, we sought to find alignment and entry points based on the input and research that had been gathered. Thankfully, we didn't have to start completely from scratch… Dogado had already established a few design building blocks that we were able to use to begin our visual explorations.

🎉 New Components 👇

Design in the Details

Together with the Dogado team, we also were able to define the primary flows that were the primary stumbling blocks for users of the Cloudpit Platform. We were able to work out more user-friendly, guided experiences which increased the speed at which users accomplished tasks, as well as more clearly communicated what a user could do at any point in the platform.

The Outcome

In the final phase of the project, feedback of the re-designed Cloudpit platform received immensely positive reviews (from both user tests and the internal Dogado teams). Currently, the designs are in development and we can't wait to see the new and improved Cloudpit in action!

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